~ Past events

April 2018
‘Lighting the Ruhr’, Talk in the Symposium series, Haus der Geschichte, Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

January 2018
Lighting the Ruhr: Industrial heritage and photography at night (talk in Post-industrial Landscapes, Communities, and Heritage session, organised by Kayleigh Herstadt and Dan Trepal, Society for Historical Archaeologists annual meeting, New Orleans).

From Brixton to Paisley Park: Tribute shrines to rock legends in the UK and USA, with Paul Graves-Brown (talk in You Can Feel It All Over” – Places of Popular Music Performance in Historical and Contemporary Archaeology‘ session, organised by C. Lorin Brace VI and Krysta Ryzewski Society for Historical Archaeologists annual meeting, New Orleans).

December 2017
A New Career in a New Town: Locating sites of pilgrimage, with Paul Graves-Brown (paper in (S-ite)rations: Memory, Forgetting and the Temporal Architecture of Place session (organised by Emily Banfield (University of Leicester); Philip Hughes (University of Leicester)), at TAG Cardiff.

November 2017
The stars look different tonight’ Celebrity veneration and the creation of spontaneous street shrines, with Paul Graves-Brown (paper at CHAT2017: Heritage, Art, Memory, and Agency, University of Amsterdam)

September 2017
Lighting the Ruhr: studying artificial light at industrial heritage sites
(paper at Joint Meeting of DGAMN and SPMA at the German Maritime Museum / Leibniz Institute for German Maritime History, Bremerhaven)

September 2017
New directions in archaeological studies 1500 – 2000
(session, European Association of Archaeologists, Maastricht, with Harold Mytum)

August 2017
Cornish heritage: Politics, nationalism, and the echoes of imagined Celtic pasts
(paper in Transnational perspectives on the legacy of ancient pasts in contemporary Europe, European Association of Archaeologists, Maastricht. Organisers: Chiara Bonacchi, Richard Hingley, Stasa Babic, and Catalin Popa).

July 2017
‘Lighting the Ruhr’ with Trent Bates
(presentation to members of the Ruhrpottfotografie group, Essen)

May 2017
‘Celebrity Veneration: The creation of spontaneous street shrines and tribute archives’, with Paul Graves-Brown
(Ritual ‘Litter’ Redressed: The heritage of contemporary deposits, workshop, University of Hertfordshire)

April 2017
Workshop member, Industrial heritage and the new generations : reviving, preserving, reappropriating
(organised by the Heritage group  of the Centre de Recherches sur les Sociétés et les Environnements Méditerranéens, l’Université de Perpignan Via Domitia, Perpignan, France).

April 2017
Lighting the Ruhr’
(Poster presentation, Network Meeting of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Dresden, Germany).

February 2017
“Celebrity veneration, the creation of spontaneous street shrines and tribute archives”, with Paul Graves-Brown
(University of Leicester, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History Research Seminar)

December 2016
“The stars look very different today” Celebrity veneration, grassroot memorials and the apotheosis of David Bowie, with Paul Graves-Brown
(UCL Institute of Archaeology Research Seminar series)

December 2016
Cornish Identity, industrial heritage and tourism: becoming local, becoming ‘Poldark Country’
(in Industrial Heritage, Historical Culture and Regional Identity in regions/ cities undergoing structural transformation conference, Ruhr University Bochum).

October 2016
Living the good life in Leicester, Environment City, with Emma Dwyer (University of Leicester)
(In CHAT 2016, Kirkwall, Orkney)

July 2016
Representing Geevor: linear progress vs the singular moment in the presentation of mining heritage, with Peter Oakley (Royal College of Art)
(In Mining Temporalities panelEASA, University of Milano-Bicocca) 

April 2016
The Archaeology of Industry: People and Places
(Plenary session, Post-Medieval Archaeology Congress: 50 Years of SPMA, University of Sheffield)

February 2016
Prospection: Forward-thinking the Cambridge North-West Development
(Anthropology Departmental Seminars, Goldsmiths, University of London, 16:00pm)

February 2016
The post-industrial landscape as a site for memory-work
(University of Leicester Research Seminar, School of Archaeology and Ancient History)

January 2016
Paper: An archaeological light age: On modernity, urbanism and the materiality of light-based technologies
Session: Historical and Contemporary Archaeologies of the City: Challenges and Opportunities
(SHA 2016 Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology, Washington DC)

November 2015
Photographing light: Kojo Yakei factory tourism in Japan
(University of Cardiff Research Seminar, School of History, Archaeology and Religion, 17.10pm)

October 2015
Seminar: The Miners’ Dry: An archaeology of industrial humour
(Columbia Center for Archaeology, Columbia University, New York)

January 2014 – March 2015
Co-convener: ‘Future Pasts | Present Futures: Critical Conversations on the Contemporary across Disciplines’.
(UCL Institute of Archaeology seminar series).

October 2014
Night-time factory infatuation and the tourist gaze: the Japanese subculture of ‘Kojo Moe’. In UCL Institute of Archaeology seminar series

September 2014
Paper: Civil engineering heritage: Designation for World Heritage and its effect on local communities
(Japan Society of Civil Engineers 100th Anniversary Symposium, Osaka University, Japan).

May 2014
Member of panel discussion: The meaning of the working-class in today’s society.
(Deindustrialisation and its aftermath: Class, culture and resistance conference, Concordia University, Montreal).

May 2014
Co-convener ‘The forgotten sounds of industry.’
(Session in Deindustrialization and its Aftermath: Class, Culture and Resistance conference, Concordia University, Montreal).

May 2014
Paper: Sound and authenticity in a Cornish tin mine: Stories to fill the post-industrial silence.
(The Forgotten Sounds of Industry session, see above).

May 2014
Paper: Once there was deindustrialisation. Then there was risk: Cornish mining sites as playground and parkland.
(Living in and with Ruination session. Deindustrialisation and its aftermath: Class, culture and resistance conference, Concordia University, Montreal).

April 2014
Introduction and chair: Contemporary archaeology session
(What’s new in British archaeology? Institute for Archaeologists: Research in Practice conference, Glasgow).

November 2013
Paper: The end of a moving staircase: Industrial archaeology of the past, present and future.
(Simposio Arqueologia Industrial, Oficina Estatel de Conservacion, Puerto Rico).

November 2012
Workshop member: Ruin Memories workshop, Falmouth, Cornwall.

April 2011
Paper: The commoners and World Heritage on Minions Moor: A troublesome relationship.
(Mining Politics session. On the Surface: The Heritage of Mines and Mining, University of Innsbruck).

March 2011
Paper: The end of Geevor
(The Archaeology of Deindustrialisation. Ruskin Public History Discussion Group. University of Oxford).

March 2010
Paper: Public perceptions of mining heritage: Heritage, tourism and industry.
(Mining Histories and their Publics session. National Council of Public History Conference, Portland, OR).

September 2010
Convener: Reanimating industrial spaces session.
(European Association of Archaeologists Meeting. Hague).

October 2008
Co-convener: Heritage CHAT.
(3-day conference at UCL. Contemporary and Historical Archaeology Group).


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